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Hi, I'm Nic!

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and now I live in New York City. I'm the only member of my family involved in the performing arts-- except for possibly my black sheep aunt's daughter. But I've never met her, so functionally?
it's just me!

Mrs. Carnahan in Criminal Hearts (left)

I love to sing, and have been involved in choir since I was a wee tyke. I've always liked to play pretend and had a powerful imagination. Perhaps... too powerful. I got incredibly frustrated if anyone broke the rules of the imaginary world we were playing in. I grew up shy, though, and wanted to be a writer for a long time.

After a three week Summer course in writing at Interlochen Arts Camp I had finally found a home within the arts. My confidence grew immensely, and I realized I didn't just want to write stories, I wanted to be in them! And share them! Loudly!

I auditioned for every production I could in high school, performing in five within my first two years. I returned to Interlochen for vocal performance and opera after my sophomore year... which pretty much settled it.

I wasn't gonna do that, I was gonna do musical theatre.

Vanderhof in "Promises, Promises." (Dir. Dan Cooney)

I transferred to and graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy as a Theatre Major, where I was fortunate to explore many different theatrical disciplines, from masked theatre to contemporay musicals.

After attending Interlochen, I went to the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University where I recently graduated with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre.
(Oh yes honey, she has qualifications. Insert cheeky handwave-girl emoji.)

At CCPA, my focus was mostly musical theatre, but I often snuck away to study anywhere I could because I was apparently insatiable.

I studied physical and devised theatre at the Dell'arte International School of Physical Theatre, Clowning at Second City in Chicago, and more recently with the awesome Blake Hackler at the Yale School of Drama's Conservatory for Actors.

Now I live in New York City and I'm ready to hop, skip, and jump... and chaines and cartwheel to the STARS!*

*Disclaimer: stars are incredibly hot gaseous masses and should not be hopped, skipped, jumped, chaines'd, or cartwheeled to. Please consult your doctor for best results. Do not try this at home.



Nic Mains singing, 'Man Up' from "The Book of Mormon" at the West End Lounge's Summerstuck Cabaret: Songs from the Shows You Should Have Booked.

A sample of my work in a commercial. It was also a blast-- literally.



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